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A co-op making free software for a federated metaverse.

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How Do We Save the Metaverse from Corporate Domination?

Published on December 9, 2021 by Dulce Baerga

How do we create a metaverse that's cross-platform, federated social network for the Immersive Web? Immers Space created such a platform, which centers on open standards, self-ownership of data and content, and sustainable business models f...


The metaverse is here: an immersive Web full of social virtual and augmented reality experiences. However, mega-corporations want to lock it down and wall it up to make another addictive, toxic ad-selling platform. We’re taking it in a different direction because we dream of a democratized new era of the Web where creators own their content, users own their data, and no single entity exhibits undue influence on the community as a whole.

Immers Space seeks to free the Immersive Web from the pitfalls of the social media era by using a decentralized model based on open Web standards such that it cannot be controlled by a tech giant oligopoly, bringing people together across platforms in live shared experiences, and providing content creators an alternative monetization model that respects user privacy.

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