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Back end developer ·· "Javascript enthusiast pushing buttons for a living." ··

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My name is Nicolas, and I'm 27 (time of writing).

I'm a full stack developer. I mainly use Node.js and Vue, and formerly used React, PHP & jQuery.
Modernity is a special interest of mine, so I keep myself updated by attending multiple public events like meetups or conferences. My current whim is cloud architectures and distributed systems.
My ultimate goal is to keep aiming for better skills and continuously improve.

I'm also interested by the DevOps philosophy, that I practice on Terraform, Ansible & Kubernetes.
I consider myself a Jack of all trades, as I often develop interests in areas close to mine and I like expanding my confort zone. I accept responsibilities and all challenges.

I aspire to be a solution architect some day.

I joined OpenCollective to show my support to the maintainers of awesome projects. My goal is to donate each month to help and widen the open source community.