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Our volunteers are building a new IATA Database


The Humanitarian AI meetup community is launching a call-to-action seeking volunteers to work on quickly setting up a new IATI database to support relief efforts aiding Ukrainian refugees and IDPs.

IATI is a reporting framework humanitarian organizations use to openly share information on aid activities, transactions and results in granular detail. Reporting activities in compliance with IATI helps improve operational transparency, benefitting operational planning, fundraising and coordination across organizations and crisis theaters.

Our new database (IATI Plus) will help make reporting aid activities by organizations responding to the Ukrainian crisis easier, make more IATI data searchable and usable compared to other IATI data sources and provide developers with a better IATI data source for applications. Uniquely, the database will also be able to handle experimental IATI elements and attributes, store both IATI and non-IATI data, and allow individuals and teams to securely view, edit, and work simultaneously on generating and updating activity files, making reporting and sharing information faster, more inclusive and responsive to needs on the ground.

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