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Housing and Employment Support


Help unhoused and formerly unhoused people in North Minneapolis move into housing and/or get to a job.


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Minneapolis Northside Mutual Aid has been heavily focused on the critical needs of unhoused people in Near North camp.  This fund is to more proactively focus on support to people who may be no longer unhoused or on the cusp of re-entering employment at a level that may support rent.  (Many unhoused people do work in paid positions, beyond the daily very hard work of surviving without housing or the stability that comes with legal right to stay in a place.  While unfortunately employment does not guarantee being able to make rent, it can for some be a path to greater stability, and this fund is here to support that whenever possible.)

The need for support does not end with housing and/or employment!  Help people successfully establish their home in housing and/or to get and keep a job when these opportunities arise.

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