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Green New Now

Beating capitalists at their own game through green social entrepreneurship.

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The Green New Now is a green incubator that helps movement leaders create sustainable livelihoods for themselves while demonstrating Green New Deal feasibility.

The problem: young movement leaders have the will and the way to save this planet from climate catastrophe, but many don't have access to the financial stability that enables full-time organizing. We all know that it will take the full-time commitment of organizers from different backgrounds to reach our movement's goals.
  1. Movement work is time consuming, and we're running out of time
  2. Movement work requires many different skillsets, which young people want to hone
  3. Movement work is chronically inequitable because it's historically been supported by broken capitalist/colonialist models and systems.
The Green New Now provides a solution that:
  1. establishes long-term financial sustainability for movement leaders of all demographics,
  2. demonstrates Green New Deal feasibility, and 
  3. scales the movement at a faster rate than could be accomplished under 501c(3) and (4) structures.

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