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SQL Builder for Go

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The package go-sqlbuilder is a flexible and high performance SQL query builder. Unlike many other SQL builder or ORM packages, this package only focuses on building SQL with no dependency on any DB driver. It can be a fundamental package to build other DB or ORM package.

The motivation of this project was to make a "pure" SQL builder which wasn't bundled with any DB driver. At that time, I was working on a private micro service framework in which all DB related APIs were rewritten for safety and testability. The framework users asked me for recommendation on ORM or SQL builder package. I investigated nearly all possible DB related packages and found that none of these could work without modifications. To make my users start to work, I wrote the initial version of this package in a weekend and then kept working on this package for years to implement all kinds of different features.

I'd like to see more and more Github stars. I hope I can keep bringing new features to package users in the future.


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