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V6 Release
Published on March 12, 2020 by Maxence Charriere

Hello, this is Maxence and I'm glad to release this new version of the go-app package.

It has been a while since the previous major version has been released and after a year using it, despite being happy of the result, I was not satisfied with a couple of things:

  • The use of the goapp program for building
  • Relied on generated static resources to work
  • HTML template was hard to debug since it does not have HTML code check and lint
  • Hack to make HTML communicate with Go was hard to maintain

In order to address those drawbacks, the v6 brings a couple of changes on the table:

  • No more goapp build tool
  • A declarative syntax that uses only Go
  • Documentation!
  • Support for go modue

This brings a lot of breaking changes. Check the Readme and the Wiki to know more about how to build progressive web apps with this package.

Hope this version helps you build awesome apps,