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Trying to put Libre & Gratis code completion tool. Not officially endorsed by


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Motivates us, lets us know someone out there supports freedom. We can have a tea and samosa.

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Choose this one if you are a die hard free software lover. Lets us buy compute, host our website, have our own domain, potentially buy GPU/TPU time... Read more

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Checking out simple LSTM for code completion.

GNU Ghost is all of us

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Updates on our activities and progress.

State of GNU Ghost 2020-09-21

Watch the video here Due to some bug in open collective I am unable to embed the vide...
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Published on September 25, 2022 by Karthikeyan A K

Knowledge Progress and New Team Member

Learning Pytorch · We are upgrading our Pytorch Knowledge. We want to know what really happens behind the hood before we release the first crude version of GNU Ghost. Furthermore, we are learning from...
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Published on August 27, 2022 by GNU Ghost


GNU Ghost hopes to be libre and gratis code completion engine which is being built with openness to its fullest. There are a lot of challenges ahead of us. One of the main challenge is to find money to get people and infrastructure to build initial Ghosts for various popular programming languages.

We hope generous hearts who like to see free software succeed to donate to us.

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