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Update: GLTC Taiko Workshop with Kenny Endo on SAT 4/16 IS A GO!
Published on April 1, 2022 by Eileen S. Ho

Dear GLTC and Michigan Taiko Community,

THANK YOU very much for your interest in the Kenny Endo workshop, and for responding to our emails so quickly! This has helped us pull together the workshop and we are confirming that IT IS A GO:  GLTC Taiko Workshop with Kenny Endo will be happening on SAT April 16th 2022 from 3:00-4:30pm in The Warehouse studio at the Center for Performing Arts and Learning in Wixom, MI.

PARTICIPANTS:  As of today we have enough people hoping to come, which leaves us with room for about 7 more if you've been riding the fence or have a friend who you think might be interested, we invite you to commit and join our Drum circle which so far includes members of GLTC, Godaiko Drummers, Raion Taiko, Tanoshii Taiko Tai – T3, and Michigan Hiryu Daiko from Kalamazoo!

COSTS:  We are making travel arrangements for Kenny, and we will send you a formal registration email/form through which you will submit payment, in the next few days. The cost will be less than the original maximum fee of $100 (currently at ~$68/participant), unless you would like to donate funds to be used to support meals for Kenny or help cover the costs of another attendee. More to come...

TOPICS:  When you register, you'll be asked to rank your choices for workshop content. Possible workshop topics range from “Taste of Taiko” for Beginners to Edo Bayashi (Tokyo Festival Music), Edo Kotobuki Jishi (traditional lion dance of old Tokyo), techniques and demonstrations for shimedaiko, naname (slant style) chu daiko, Odaiko (big drum), interlocking rhythms, shimedaiko tightening, practice techniques, and more. (Visit to learn more about Kenny-sensei). We'll make a decision based on your feedback. 

We'll be in touch soon--

\\Olga & Eileen//

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