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Minecraft Network

About is Project that I have been working on daily since 4 Month now! Global-Crafter is a Server network wich Combines at this point more than 10 Different Servers with a registered Userbase of around 50 Persons.

The Server is Focus is on our own developed Faction Concept. The Faction Network is based on three Servers (One Shop, One Dungeon, Ond Remake of the World) We use a completely new generator for our world, which replicates "the real world" to Minecraft in a scale of 1:1000, this means 40.000 blocks (40 kilometres long) 

On top of this, we are creating our 100% own Monsters, these include Custom Items, Custom Generators, Custom Drops, Custom Enchantments! This all is a lot of work to do and we work with a Team of 10 Volunteers to make this all happen!

Now the part why I am here, Right now I am paying the Server on my own, I want to have good experience for all users and don't want to charge them, but right now the Server costs come at around 60-80€ Monthly (depending on Server usage) ontop of this we also host a website with 20€ Montly. The website it self is needing some updates from woltlap wich cost 100€. For the Minecraft Server alot of addonds needs to be coden by professional Coders, or been bought from the Internet. This all costs Money!

I am hoping to gain some Money via Opencollectiv to keep the Vision of a RPG-Faction-Minigames Server alive! 

Thanks for reading!

Our team