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Open Collective

The Gleaners

We are a pay-what-you-feel community cafe in Walthamstow.


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We are a pay-what-you-feel community cafe in Walthamstow, East London. We are a workers cooperative & not-for-profit. 

Since the start of the pandemic last March, we have served over 30,000 meals, mostly for free, to those across our community. In solidarity with those hit hardest by the Covid crisis.  We partnered with the Hornbeam Centre to deliver meals by bicycle to those isolating/unable to leave the house. 

Now we have run out of out funding, and are looking to become sustainable. We want to continue to support our community throughout the crisis & beyond. 

In other words, our pay-what-you-feel model is dependent on solidarity from those who can pay a little more to buffer those who are limited in what is affordable to them. Think of it as a collaboration, as mutual aid, where everyone contributing what they can adds up to create a community cafe shared by all.

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