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Open Collective
Overwhelming interest in GCN, with beta test in near future
Published on May 1, 2020 by Rosie Dime

  • Beta test planned for March using Version 1 of GCN.
  • XR UK has requested to use the GCN platform for a rent strike happening in April.
  • XR Germany and XR Australia have also requested to use the GCN platform for actions happening in April/March.
  • XR’s Digital Rebellion happening in June will use the GCN platform and will likely use Version 2 of GCN.
  • GCN received an additional 5k USD in funding from an individual donor from the Solidaire Network, with a further 7k being considered.
  • GCN is increasing its focus on fund raising in order to meet the demand of more and more groups wanting to use the platform.
  • GCN welcomed a new volunteer to the business team to help with these efforts.