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OCF's strategy: Solidarity as our Guiding Principle
Published on July 21, 2021 by Alanna Irving

We've just published a detailed blog post all about OCF's newly clarified strategy. Read it here.

We're also kicking off regular monthly hangouts for our hosted initiatives to connect with the OCF team and each other, with the first on Aug 6.
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A quick summary...

Open Collective Foundation is creating a legal, financial, and technical commons for the solidarity economy

OCF has a unique role to play as steward of a legal, financial, and technical commons—a piece of shared infrastructure—that is resonating deeply with the solidarity economy movement. We can build bridges between 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship, the open source community (where we have deep roots), mutual aid groups (100+ are hosted by OCF today), and the movement at large.

A new clarity has emerged for Open Collective Foundation: Solidarity will be our guiding principle.

Open Collective Foundation allows initiatives to raise and spend money under the umbrella of our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, using a powerful open-source tech platform with financial and community engagement tools.

We are radical administrators for a decentralized future. As a fiscal sponsor, OCF handles the compliance side of raising and spending money (like dealing with the IRS and banks), so that groups can focus on their work. We build trust by sharing OCF’s budget with full transparency, and enable our hosted initiatives to do the same.

We are only one node in the interconnected Open Collective network, a decentralized platform of fiscal hosts offering their legal status and bank accounts to Collectives around the world, who are working to share power, knowledge, and wealth. Financial power and community power go hand in hand.

Open Collective Foundation exists to spread wealth and power and root it in community (the solidarity economy) by unlocking access to funding.

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