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Open Collective
Published on August 4, 2022 by J'Maya Thomas

"Writer, Journalist, Content Creator, Author, Storyteller, Blogger, Reporter, Researcher, Editor...they have similar aims and similar challenges. Call the writing what you want; it's still work, and it's worth compensating."  - Emily Weltman, Founder of FLOWLab

Consider becoming a contributor for as little as $5/month to help us support Writers that are on their creative journeys! 

HOT off the Press 📰

ICYMI! In June we quietly launched a new temporary home for ALL coFLOWco content. Somehow it's now August, so, if you did miss it, buckle up.

🔥 Cause we're rolling out even more content. Make sure you are signed up for Hot List updates.

THE HOT LIST is up to issue 005 🎉

1. THL Top 5 - Writers are Hot is a (hopefully monthly or bi-monthly) list with an analysis of some of our favorite newsletters/authors/journalists, some shared before via The Hot List's first 5 issues. Some LI creators you know & love.
2. The Neurodivergent Hot List - For those wanting content, info, and expertise from public health X creators for and by the ND community.
3. Startup stack reccos w/ SaaS reviews.
4. Content & resource libraries...for FLOWLab members.
5. Gray papers to come.

Happy Creating; Stay Cool 😎