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Let's Go (Sponsors)

If you believe everyone should have equal opportunity to start a business, work for themselves, create for their clients clients, and serve customers in their diverse communities...put your money where you mouth is. Support our collective and small business builders today.

FLOWLab founders and members have done years of unpaid emotional, social, and invisible labor on top of giving away their work and services for low or pro bono to ensure we leave no one behind.

Business as usual is not sustainable (in every sense of the word).
We have 2 options: Get hired
or get sponsored. We aim to to both...but we need donors now who know the facts about small businesses and the barriers we face

Business leaders who recognize their success is not just luck or hard work, but access to capital, what are you doing about reparations? Those who are willing to gamble money on new, innovative ideas, why not also invest in gender and racial equality and economic justice?

If your business has a gross revenue of over $2 million (or $2 Billion) OR your and HNW (high net worth) individual AND you want to contribute to social impact, today is your lucky day. Hopefully ours too!!!  

Our transparent budget helps you see the impact and where your money goes.  The ROI will not be in dollars, but in our shared success. 


  • Sponsor projects  or fund a micro grant .  

  • Gift your membership to an entrepreneur. 

  • Donate once, and let us distribute micro grants to multiple small business owners and solopreneurs. We've already vetted a dozen members beyond the due diligence process of any Tech company in SV.
  • Give a recurring donation and support our community of underestimated and underrepresented educators, creators, consultants, and solopreneurs who are also chronically underfunded.

Your donations are tax-deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsorship with Open Collective Foundation, a 501c3.  

Our big stretch goal is for FLOWLab⁵ to be a fully funded, operational Research Lab by 2024, with sponsors and foundations enabling our 1st group of entrepreneurs. We want to share success stories via case studies explaining how FL5 membership helped people switch careers, stop spiraling, complete the stress cycle, and start thriving. We formed our beta cohort to test our programs and plans grounded in evidence-based research to help MSME's survive their first 5 years. To beat the odds as a woman or non-binary consultant, creator, or founder, especially for Black and Latina women, we need more than just social media statements. We need support, funding, networks, and upskilling. 

With each cohort we want to write and publish a 5-year long impact study. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, our reports will share outcomes and data for micro businesses (1-5 employees) and non-employer firms. 

We want more neurodivergent solopreneurs and founders thriving. Our hypothesis is that if we provide founders and solopreneurs who historically struggle to survive, we will lead to more small businesses becoming profitable and sustainable.

  • Increase access to capital, especially rapid response short term funds.

  • Upskill and unpack the patriarchy and toxic work cultures simultaneously

  • Employ community-centered design, the Design Justice Network Principles, the Organizational Justice Bill of Rights, the Publishing Justice Principles

  • Build our community spaces led by ABCD (Asset based community development) and TICC (Trauma informed community care) 

  • Give guidance that's accessible, flexible, and practical. Why? One of our members met with the SBA. She is a Black woman with a disability living at home and was told the first order of business was to engage a lawyer (at $400/hour). 

  • Peer support from PTSD and workplace abuse survivors. Strategic advisors who focus on mutual learning and mutual support and shared opportunities.




Goal $250,000 USD


$250,000 USD goal