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​​Our mission is to create more opportunities for diverse leaders to survive the first 5 years in business. We provide education, resources, and a community of support to build equitable and inclusive businesses from the start.


What is the FLOWLab?

Our mission is to help underestimated founders survive first 5 yrs in business.  

The FLOWLab is where we come together to iterate, ideate, ruminate, and maybe procrastinate, in order to keep going. Join us in mutual learning, feel heard, seen, valued, and inspired. And get what you need to go back out there and keep fighting for workplaces that don't suck. 

Small business leaders are doing the work of 4.2 humans, many with the added parenting and house manager, caregiver, or other jobs, and zero dollars or support. You need and deserve access to business, operations, and management expertise who won't charge $1000/hr, or more. (Cough, cough. McKinsey). Our businesses simply are not making it, and we are barely hanging on.

We're here to help relieve you from one of your 4.2 jobs AND provide low & no cost resources, connections, networking, and business advising, with a healthy dose of social justice and opportunities for collaboration.

This is our space to work it out together. Together we can design the "Future of Work" we need and find our Collective Flow

What is Collective Flow?

A flow state that you achieve with others.*

That moment when you know you and your team or thought partner are in the zone. The "Are we the same person?" or "OMG I was just writing about that!" That is Collective Flow!
Let's find our flow together, whether that's 2 of us, 20, or 20,000.

*How do we get in that zone?

Spending actual time getting to know each other. Learning each other's work styles, listening to boundaries, articulating your strengths, amplifying the strengths of others.  
Most importantly, Patience. Flexibility. Acceptance. This means being able to work when and where we can, in our optimal time zones and for our chronotypes.

Collective Flow is found when trust exists. You cannot brand or manufacture trust. It comes through sharing experiences and making connections. It comes when we can see our full humanity and embrace it, not just tolerate it. Trust is necessary for innovation, because then everything can flow. 

Who are we?  

We are a community of talkers, not takers. We have loud, strong opinions, even the introverts (of which there are many). We have a lot to say and deserve to be heard, and luckily we are always up for listening too. We are teachers at heart even if we aren't from academia. We love to share what we know. Everyone brings their own magic. 

We each have unique physical, mental, and spiritual needs and work hard to fight the capitalist urge to DO ALL THE THINGS. We help each other unpack old workplace traumas and undo bad habits. We hold space and create space and take up space. We even talk about space. ;)

There is not only one way to show up. Being "here" means different things for each of us. These differences will only make our community stronger and more connected. FLOWLab will help founders and consultants, creators, and caregivers survive the first 5 years in business (or next 5 years of work and life). Collectivism and community are needed now more than ever, whether you show up in a comment, course, or coffee shop...we need each other, especially those of us trying to keep businesses going under impossible circumstances (with no capital).

FLOWLab's Theory of Change is that when it comes to supporting underestimated founders and creators, showing up is what matters.   


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Assistance for those recovering from workplace trauma and drama, those recently escaping their J....
Supporting our Collective: hosting a global co-creative kickoff for a GLOW member.
To make inequality, wealth, and wage gaps easier to comprehend, activating change agents.
Create content and resources based on research for social impact small businesses.
Curated inspo to find our collective flow. Guaranteed to fuel your fire.


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Come learn about FLOWLab.
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Join us for an informal conversation about small changes you can make to ensure your content work...Read more

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