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 I'm Elias Fleckenstein. I am a fifteen year old coder from Germany and I founded the Elidragon programming group.

I mostly focus on development related to the Minetest engine, but I have also made projects that have nothing to do with it.

I am currently one of the maintainers of MineClone2, a free (as in freedom!) clone of the popular voxelgame Minecraft. It is the Minetest Subgame with the most downloads on ContentDB and in the last year I dedicated a lot of my time to it. I have also created dragonfireclient, which is the most used cheat client for the Minetest engine. You can also find a big collection of Minetest mods and dragonfire CSMs on my github ( I am the developer or administrator of several Minetest servers; currently I own Elidragon Skyblock and the Fleckenstein SMP; I have also created several smaller server projects that have closed by now (e.g. Skycraft, Elidragon Hades) and I am responsible for parts of the server software of the "Minetest Bildungsnetzwerk", which is a german server that aims to let school happen inside of Minetest during lockdown.