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Reconciliation in Manhattan in collaboration with the AICH American Indian Community House in New...

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ERUTAN means nature in mirror writing. Mother Earth is the source under which we reunite in order to reconnect with it and create a chain of reciprocal solidarity,  humans and non-humans, animals, plants, oceans, mountains ...

The climate and social crisis go hand in hand with decolonization. Solidarity beyond identity politics and class struggle is the basis for a sustainable future. One of the first steps is to recognize and acknowledge First Nation Land in America and cultural genocide. We start in Manhattan, New York City.

ERUTAN works around the question of DECOLONIZATION of reconciliation in public space in Manahatta aka Manhattan New York City.  We reflect on our own daily habits and practices together and experiment in our daily relationship. 

Let's connect beyond identity, race, and class politics and create and learn reciprocity for a sustainable future in peace in common.

Join us!

Dorothee Elisa Baumann (aka Do)

Contact me :
We acknowledge: 

  • that indigenous peoples and nations, including the Lenape/Lenapehoking, Merrick, Canarsie, Rockaway, Matinecock, and Haudenosaunee in Manahatta and other Algonquian-speaking peoples, have for generations stewarded the land and waterways of what is now Manhattan, New York City. Erutan honors and respects the enduring and continuing relationship that exists between all these peoples and nations and this land and waters. 

  • stands also side by side with South American, Hawaiian and all indigenous and aboriginal people on this planet earth aka Mother Earth.

  • stands side by side with Black American people.

  • stands side by side with Asian American people.
    stands side by side with Asian people.
    stands side by side with all other subaltern communities who were and still are confronted with settler colonial practices and race capitalism today. 

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Hi Nice to meet you. I just do my part. I am an...