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A simplified fork of Aptana Jaxer focused on providing a straight-forward runtime environment



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A seminar at Ossaj for an introduction to Jaxer (EmraJs) comparing it to the serverless applicati...Read more

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Jaxer Update Video 1 - Introduction to Approach

For this update post we have a video of our current development path with the server-side Javascript application server Jaxer.
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Published on October 11, 2019 by Benjamin Collins


Aptana Jaxer is a server-side Javascript implementation that used Mozilla tools to provide a server-side Javascript run time environment that focused on Ajax Applications. The server environment was paired with Aptana Studio to allow for a sandboxed environment that allowed for developers to work with Jaxer within the integrated developer environment.

EmraJs (short for EmeraldJs) is a forked version of Jaxer that focuses to provide an easy to install run-time environment that can be installed on a Linux server for the purpose of development.

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