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We make open source embroidery machine software.

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A C library for our Embroiderymodder and other embroidery software.
A graphical user interface for creating and altering embroidery machine files.

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Monthly financial contribution to Embroidermodder (backer)

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Contribution #490608
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News from Embroidermodder

Updates on our activities and progress.

June 2022: Working fill and render algorithms and difficulties of moving to SDL

Hi backers, since it's mainly me developing as a hobbyist at the moment successes are rare so I thought it would be good to share these with you. Working Fill Algorithms · I've managed to get two fills working from the command line using th...
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Published on June 22, 2022 by Robin Swift

January 2022 Development Notes For Embroidermodder 2

Hi backers, since the last update development has been focused on mostly not user-facing aspects of the program. This is what we planned in the timetable, aiming to release the libembroidery library for the end of the month. The idea being...
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Published on January 29, 2022 by Robin Swift

Setting a development timetable for the next 8 months

Hi, welcome to our first update. I've sketched out a timetable for the development of Embroidermodder, I feel I should share it with everyone:Dec 2021 - Jan 2022libembroidery 1.0 features, particularly the basic file format support...
Read more
Published on December 19, 2021 by Robin Swift


The Embroidermodder project is a collection of small software utilities for manipulating, converting and creating embroidery files in all major embroidery machine formats. The program Embroidermodder 2 itself is a larger graphical user interface (GUI) which is at the heart of the project. 

This manual, the website (, mobile embroidery format viewers and tools (iMobileViewer, MobileViewer), the core library of functions (libembroidery) and CLI (embroider) are all tools to make the standard user experience of working with an embroidery machine better without expensive software which is locked to specific manufacturers and formats. But ultimately we hope that the core Embroidermodder 2 is a practical, ever-present tool in larger workshops, small cottage industry workshops and personal hobbyist’s bedrooms. 

Embroidermodder 2 is licensed under the zlib license and we aim to keep all of our tools open source and free of charge. If you would like to support the project check out our Open Collective group. If you would like to help, please join us on GitHub. This document is written as developer training as well helping new users (see the last sections) so this is the place to learn how to start changing the code.

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