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Don't Remove Our Community Larder!
Published on April 27, 2021 by Elswick Mutual Aid

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Arthurs Hill and Elswick mutual aid groups have distributed many tonnes of food. This has been done partly through food parcels and partly via the two community larders that operate in phone boxes on Brighton Grove and on the West Road. Since May 2020 Food has been placed in these 
community larders several times a day, every day.

This food has included fresh fruit and vegetables from allotments. As well as surplus food from supermarkets.

Early in lockdown BT gave the community permission to use the boxes to distribute food in this manner, however recently a notice was posted in one of the boxes (on Brighton Grove) notifying the community of its impending removal. This has also happened to community larders in Alnwick (whose removal is now under review) and in Hartlepool.

The quantity of food that passes through the phone boxes/larders on a weekly basis is enormous, this food goes straight to people in food poverty and has provided a lifeline to those in need of it, without any possibility for exclusionary practices or embarrassment.