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Multiple Toolbox Items and other updates from us
Published on June 23, 2022 by Peter Savchenko

Hi! The new update was shipped and here is some news from us.

Multiple Toolbox Items

The last update includes a cool improvement of the Tools API. Now you can display several different variants of the single Tool in the Toolbox! 🎉

For example, the Heading tool could display the three most popular types of headings, or the List tool could display both Bulleted and Numbered variants. That could improve the end-user experience. Here’s how it looks:

Read more about how to configure the Toolbox that way in our feature overview.

The new API methods

There is a single API change. The Blocks API now has the composeBlockData() method. For example, if we want to know what output format is used by the “X” tool, this method will return such data. Just like if we’ll save the empty block of that type.

Upcoming updates

We’re working on the CodeX Icon Pack — a package that will contain all icons used by the Editor.js and our plugins. Also, it will contain a set of other icons that could be useful for third-party plugin developers.

In the next updates, the Block Tunes menu will become vertical as well as the Toolbox.
Same time we’re working on the Collaborative Editing feature as well as a huge amount of other updates in order of Editor.js 3.0. 🤫


We really appreciate the small group of people who heroically subscribed to donations. Editor.js evolves thanks to you! Together we will build the best editor in the world. 💪

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