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Software manual and help authoring tool. Dr.Explain makes CHM, PDF, DOC, and HTML help files.

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Dr.Explain is a help authoring software to create help files, documentation and on-line manuals in CHM, PDF, DOC, & HTML formats automatically. 

Dr.Explain is a help authoring tool for rapid creation of help files and user guides. Using its unique auto capture and annotation technology, developers can document their software interfaces almost hands down. When set to work, Dr.Explain parses a live application and automatically produces screenshots of its windows along with a sequence of callouts for each window control. Users only have to add some description to each callout as needed. Dr.Explain can output the results as a set of HTML pages, CHM help file, RTF, or PDF document complete with screenshots, cross-references, menus and an index page. The output is accurate and professional.

Dr.Explain is ideal for software developers, ISV, micro ISV and technical writers. It handles all the complexities of help formatting and generation, allowing them to concentrate on pure writing. This saves them days that would otherwise be wasted. Dr.Explain is also great to keep help documentation in sync with software updates. Since all data is stored in a single source file, developers can easily edit or update any portion of an existing file. In doing this, they are not required to rearrange the entire help or generate a new file. Developers will also benefit from the opportunity to customize the appearance of their help file to make it match their corporate style. They can customize its visual elements, menus and page layout.

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