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DisCO One Project Grant is a non profit cooperative that incubates new cooperation models and new collaborative practices for the digital age, incorporating care based cultural practices and DLT based technological tools.


Transparent and open finances.

Debit from DisCO One Project Grant to TRIP.COM

Charge #98180

Debit from DisCO One Project Grant to AIRBNB * HMWKHTWANN

Charge #98173
-$257.96 USD
Charge #98254
Today’s balance

$135,910.01 USD

Total raised

$248,400.00 USD

Total disbursed

$112,489.99 USD

Estimated annual budget

$270,771.86 USD


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News from DisCO One Project Grant

Updates on our activities and progress.

DisCO-One Project Grant First Project Update, August 2022

August 2022: From the DisCO team, we’re happy to offer our first update, after beginning our work on the One Project grant with the support of Open Collective as our fiscal sponsor. · We held a kick-off meeting late March a...
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Published on August 11, 2022 by Ann Marie Utratel


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