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Supporting projects to implement research-informed best practices at the time of need. Areas of work include governance, sustainability, and inclusion.


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Supporting projects to implement research-informed best practices at the time of need on governance, sustainability, and inclusion.

Recipient: Danielle Robinson (Code for Science & Society)

Description: Code for Science & Society will build an expert-advised cohort program for open digital infrastructure projects who wish to implement research-based recommendations relating to three common challenges faced by digital infrastructure projects: governance, sustainability, and community health. While research-based recommendations exist for nearly every challenge project teams face, it is not practical to expect teams to dive into research and connect with experts when facing a challenge that needs to be quickly resolved. Projects need guidance and feedback in real-time that is informed by research and sensitive to their project’s unique context. By creating a peer cohort, linking projects to experts, and providing support for implementation plans, we will be able to road-test research in real world situations and report on the successes and challenges, generating insights for other digital infrastructure projects.


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