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Debug has moved to a new repository
Published on November 27, 2021 by Josh Junon

Just a quick update for those following along here:

We've migrated the repository from to

More information at


I'd also like to comment on why funds haven't been moving much here on OC in the last ~year. I've been holding a rule that, barring some extreme emergency in my life, I do not take funds out of the OC unless I've earned them via major updates to the package. This is out of respect toward both the contributors (thank you so much) as well as any future maintainers that might arise.

The pandemic has been quite rough (fortunately for reasons other than the virus) and thus my ability to dedicate time toward OSS has been thin. Thankfully, my IRL situation is improving and I hope to be able to focus more on OSS significantly over the next six months.

Despite this, taking into account the "bus" factor, if my maintainership were to cease before I performed a major upgrade or maintenance action on the package, I would rather the funds be available to whomever takes over in my absence.

However, I do very much intend to continue maintaining debug, and I appreciate all of the contributions over the years - large or small. They mean a lot.

- Josh (

(P.S. Feel free to reach out more informally on twitter -