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Cooperative Vermont Grant Fund

A collective fund to support cooperative development in Vermont. The funds are allocated on a quarterly basis in a participatory budgeting process by active contributors.


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Matt Cropp

$240 USD since Oct 2019

Avram Patt

$180 USD since Jul 2020

Colin Keegan

$145 USD since Aug 2020

Michael Weiss

$120 USD since Mar 2022

James Simone

$87 USD since Sep 2022

Nico Lustig

$60 USD since Mar 2020

Maria Lara Bregatta

$60 USD since Jul 2020

Emma Yorra

$60 USD since Feb 2023

Paul Bindel

$50 USD since Jul 2021

Leo Sammallahti

$40 USD since Feb 2020

Elias K Gardner

$39 USD since Mar 2020

Bonnie Hudspeth

$36 USD since Oct 2020

Caitlin Waddick

$30 USD since Sep 2020


$24 USD since Jul 2020

Michael N.

$20 USD since Aug 2022


Vermont Employee Ownership Center

$395.62 USD since Dec 2022


$87 USD since Sep 2022

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Matt Cropp


$240 USD

Let's build a stronger co-op economy in Vermont!

Avram Patt

Member (Monthly)

$180 USD

Colin Keegan

Member (Monthly)

$145 USD

Michael Weiss

Member (Annual)

$120 USD


$87 USD

Maria Lara Br...

Member (Annual)

$60 USD

Emma Yorra

Member (Annual)

$60 USD


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$841.85 USD

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Fiscal host transfer

Following a vote by the grant fund contributors, the fiscal host has been migrated from Cooperative Development Institute to Vermont Employee Ownership Center.
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Published on December 9, 2022 by Matt Cropp


Cooperative Vermont is a network of co-ops, aligned non-profits, and individuals who support the development and growth of Vermont's cooperative economy. It is a self-governing fiscally-sponsored project of the Cooperative Development Institute.

Voting members of Cooperative Vermont make a recurring donation of at least $1/month or $12/year for individuals, and $5/month or $60/year for organizations. Contributions are made via the Cooperative Vermont Grant Fund Open Collective page, which is fiscally sponsored by the Cooperative Development Insitute.

If a member engages in behavior that has the potential to cause serious harm to the organization or individuals in it, they may be removed by a 2/3s secret ballot vote of the membership, held in a secret sub-group that does not include the member in question.

Core Activities:
  • Grant Fund: Each quarter, members in good standing participate in a participatory budgeting exercise to allocate the balance of funds in Open Collective. Members and community members are invited to submit ideas for uses of funds that contribute to Vermont's co-op economy and community, and then a dot vote is held in which each participant will distribute dots to reflect their preferred allocation of funds. The results are reviewed by the admin team, which uses them to inform a final proposal which is put to the members for ratification. Once ratified, funds are disbursed for the approved purposes.
  • Cooperative Vermont Communications: Over the past decade, "Cooperative Vermont" has developed a number of communications channels, including a Facebook page, Twitter account, Youtube channel, and Mailchimp list. Members in good standing may request to be granted posting permissions on Cooperative Vermont's communications platforms by joining the Communications Committee. Appointment to the Communications Committee requires a majority vote of the membership, and appointments must be renewed every three years.
Voting: Binding decisions for the group are made on Loomio. Unless otherwise specified, votes remain open for seven (7) days, and require a majority vote of those voting to pass.

Roles/Committees: The intention of this project is to maximize impact while minimizing overhead, but there's nonetheless some key work that needs to be done. To take on those tasks, there are two standing committees, which each coordinate their work in a sub-group  A committee member may be removed by a majority vote of the membership. 

  • Admin Committee:
    • Responsibilities:
      • Interface with Fiscal Sponsor.
      • Manage grant process.
      • Administration of Open Collective page.
    • Election: Members in good standing may be elected to the administration committee by a majority vote of the membership. Admin committee members are appointed for a three year term, and volunteers will be asked for annually. The maximum size of the Admin Committee is five, and the size may be adjusted at any time by a majority vote of the membership.
    • Current Members:
      • Matt Cropp [Appointed as first member 2/2/2020]
  • Communications Committee:
    • Responsibilities:
      • Development and updating of media policies.
      • Post content to communications channels, and moderate comments on said channels.
    • Elections: Members in good standing may self-nominate to join the communications committee, and are appointed for a three year term upon election by a majority vote.
    • Current Members:
      • Matt Cropp [Appointed as first member 2/2/2020]

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Matt Cropp

Let's build a stronger co-op economy in Vermont!