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June 2021 news

This is the first update on Open Collective, as we have just opened an account for Best of JS. Special thanks to our first backer, Victor Coisne from Str...
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Published on June 6, 2021 by Michael Rambeau


Hello, I'm Michael!

I'm the creator of Best of JS, a web application that gathers the best of JavaScript and friends: TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Node.js... 

I created the project in 2015 because I'm a huge fan of the JavaScript ecosystem and the web platform. I'm fascinated by the fact you can build anything using web technologies.

However the landscape changes so fast that it's hard to keep track of all the trends. 

Best of JS gathers more than 1500 projects, carefully classified under tags that make sense. It provides insights about trends on GitHub, download numbers, dependencies... the goal is to provide a valuable tool to all developers. 

It can be used as a super fast search engine when you need to look-up quickly a project on GitHub.

The maintenance of the project never stops: I keep adding new projects (you can check the "Recently added" section in the home page)... and I keep removing projects too, because Open Source projects are often like mysterious plants that can flourish quickly and then decay slowly over years, becoming either deprecated or just "unmaintained".

So tracking the Best of JS is a never ending job... thank you for helping me maintaining the project!

Our team

Michael Rambeau

Creator of Best of JS. Help us maintain and imp...