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Automated Download Queue for Communities to take the best use of Internet bandwidth.


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Bassa solves the problem of wasting internet bandwidth by queuing a download if it is larger than a given threshold value in high traffic and when the traffic is low, it completes the download of the files. After the files are downloaded, the users can get their files from the local servers which do not require external internet bandwidth.

Main functionalities

  • Provides an interface for users to add their downloads as links or torrent magnet links
  • Provide users an interface to view and download the files in local server
  • Provide a rating system to users to rate the files residing in local server
  • Automatically start and stop downloading in given time frame
  • Automatically clean the disks and make room for new downloads
  • Notify user when his/her download is completed
  • Mark inappropriate downloads
  • Provides admins an interface to deal with inappropriate files