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Open Collective
Final Update
Published on April 1, 2022 by Francisco Dominguez

Grant recipient has complied with the terms of the Grant Agreement. The first and last expense is what was necessary for the grant recipient to access mental healthcare. We will be moving any excess funds from this project back to the general fund. This is helping the grant recipient to access necessary mental healthcare.

Melissa Moralez

Posted on June 27, 2022

Hi Francisco,

I was told by Samantha Meyer on May 27th that I would be receiving an email within a week on funds for my therapy.  I never received an email and haven’t t heard back. Is there anything I need to do? Thank you!

Samantha Meyer

Posted on July 1, 2022

Hi Marissa,
So sorry this slipped thought the cracks, we will try to get an answer to you today!