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Open Collective
July Rent Fund
Published on June 27, 2020 by Vanessa Raditz

Many Athens neighbors cannot pay rent this month and utilities expenses keep coming. The GA eviction moratorium expired on June 14th, so families who have been struggling are now under threat of eviction, even as COVID cases continue to rise in our state.

Let's distribute wealth and help as many Athens neighbors as possible during the month of July (and after July, but, for now, let's focus). While our hope is helping neighbors with rent, we also want to relieve utilities and food expenses when possible. 

TO HELP WITH EVICTION DEFENSE: email (its, that's not a typo, we're breaking away from gmail which gives away our data).

** TO GET ASSISTANCE WITH RENT OR UTILITIES: First reach out to the Ark: 

If you are not eligible for assistance through the ark, fill out our hotline form: