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Open Collective
to the Cop 26 with AllForClimate
Published on August 20, 2021 by Leen Schelfhout

Dear collectives

we went through the process of registering All For Climate for the COP 26 in Glasgow (31/10 till 12/11). Our application has been approved. 🎊

This means we can send people to Glasgow to attend the conference.

If you want to go, or somebody from your collective, please send us an email BEFORE 26th of August (there is a very strict deadline for registering people: 
  • name, collective, short description of yourself
  • why you want to go
  • when you want to go (exact period)
  • promise that you will blog about it, share pictures, share what you have learned/experienced, share documentation
  • promise that you want to give a very short talk about your experience in the next general assembly
E-mail to
(We will organise via the

All questions welcome! ☀️