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Newsletter May-June
Published on July 7, 2021 by Leen Schelfhout

Hello dear collectives! 👋🏻

Let's start with the good news, then some legal news and last but not least: All For Climate running the marathon of Paris to raise money! Looking for athletes to join!

💫  Good news show

So many new collectives joined AllForClimate in the past months! The network is growing fast. In June we raised almost 63000 euro together for climate and social justice. That is impressive.

New collectives joining the network
  •  Earthlings AugsburgRobin Foods and MeatoutAustria - collectives for vegan activism, a eco-social transformation (read urban gardening and rescue food) and animal rights. The first expense of Meat out Austria deserves a special mention: a cargo bike. Love it.  🚲 🤩

  • Grondrecht and Pfonds: two local Antwerp collectives fighting for social justice in a case of severe pollution around the 3M factory in the harbour of Antwerp. PFonds managed to raise 15000 euros in just a week for this campaign. Their secret: lots of storytelling on social media, and lots of digging for the truth. They did a great job teaming up with other collectives such as Ineos Will Fall and Extinction Rebellion Antwerp in their march on the 4th of July, they even managed  to team up with labour unions and farmers in the neighbourhood. Power to the people. ✊🏽 
  • Rail to the Cop: collective that promotes and facilitates the transition to sustainable travel in the future. They raise money to send as many young people as possible to the COP in Glasgow! You can apply to be part of this right now via their website!

Good news also for Extinction Rebellion Global Support! They’ve got granted €35k per year for the next 3 years from Fondation Charles-Leopold
Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need help applying for funds like these. We are happy to help out and sign the legal paperwork.

👩🏽‍⚖️ Legal contract

The legal contract that describes the relationship between collectives and All For Climate as a fiscal host is finished (you can read it here) and is on its way to the collectives to be signed. We will require every collective to sign this. It’s to protect our common shared infrastructure by making sure that the actions of any collective cannot impact negatively any other collective. We will use a European company called YouSign to support this process. You will soon get an email from me to ask for two people that can sign. Keep an eye on your mailbox.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Run for Climate

All For Climate is looking for funding as well to become financially sustainable. And because we don’t mind working hard for it we decided to run the marathon of Paris on October 17th and raise money by having ourselves sponsored. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️ Whoever feels like joining us, reach out! Right now we are a team of three Xavier, Jean-François and Leen, but we could use more support. So to all the wannabe athletes out there: join us!
Support us with €1 per km!

As always, please keep us posted on your activities. All pictures and stories are welcome, we are happy to share via social networks!

warm regards from Delft - The Netherlands