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Newsletter: Live from the COP26, openCOP, funding opportunity for your collective with Gitcoin, join the allforclimate DAO.
Published on November 9, 2021 by Xavier Damman

Hi everyone! 👋 

In this newsletter: live from the COP26, openCOP, funding opportunity for your collective with Gitcoin, join the allforclimate DAO. Read on!

🔴 Live from the COP26

All For Climate managed to send 10 activists from the different collectives to the COP26 in Glasgow! As an officially registered NGO they were able to enter the blue zone as observers of the negotiations. Follow their reports via
At the COP for All For Climate:
Rowan from Parents for Future UK
Marco and Giacomo: from Fridays for Future Italy and Extinction Rebellion Italy
Eloïse, Alexia and Mathilde: from Extinction Rebellion and Feminist-Queer XR
Morgan, Tom and Cato from Fridays for Future Antwerp
Jonathan from Fridays for Future Tororo, Uganda

Open COP

Tony Lai from the community (@tonton) has been working on an open and online version of the COP that will happen in a few days (Nov 10-12). It is co-created by an emerging solidarity of earth stewards from diverse disciplines & bio-regions bridging local + global sustainability & regen projects. You can register for free at with the promo code: socialCOP (see also #opencop on our discord)

Get funding for your collective with the crypto community

Don’t be fooled by the image mainstream media is giving to the crypto community. When you start digging, you'll find a very vibrant community full of people who work hard to provide an alternative to the current financial system, a key ingredient for “system change, not climate change”.

The Gitcoin community is one of those crypto communities. They have been focusing on innovative ways to fund public goods ($40M raised so far!). For the next funding round starting December 1st, they are looking to fund climate justice projects. So if you need to raise funds for your collective, this could be a great opportunity!

Join the #gitcoin-climate channel in our Discord to find out more.

Contribute to the All for Climate DAO

One of the big issues of activism is that it doesn’t pay the bills. As a result, we have to do this work during the weekend and evenings. This is not… sustainable, which is quite ironic isn’t it?

At All for Climate we want to explore ways to address that issue. That’s why we are setting up a DAO, a new form of human organization that is transnational, transparent and open to everyone to contribute. When you contribute to the All for Climate DAO, you will receive ALLFORCLIMATE tokens. They represent a part of the community and will give you the right to participate in our general assemblies and vote on various proposals. While there is no economic value attached to those tokens today, our hope is that one day, there will be and all past contributions will be rewarded fairly. Through this process, you will have ownership over All for Climate.

We have many open roles for you to join the adventure and contribute. Check them out and apply! Join us, contribute and earn ALLFORCLIMATE tokens and become a co-owner of our movement for climate justice!

Join us on Discord 💬

To bring everyone together, we started a discord server on This is a great way to connect with fellow citizens that want to work on the climate emergency issue. It's a bit like Slack or Mattermost, but it has great desktop and mobile clients and it has become the main platform communities use today.

Be good to each other, community is immunity ☀️🌱🌻