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July Update for the All for Climate DAO
Published on August 3, 2022 by CStreet

Solarpunk artwork by Day (@daytripper in Discord). Be sure to visit their Instagram for more art.

Hello fellow Regens, activists and engaged citizens who are working to help create a hopeful future of healing for our planet and our communities! The month of July was a challenging one for many of us around the globe as we experienced the dramatic warming of our planet. Months like July help bring into focus the work we're doing here at All for Climate and why this work so vital at this intersection of our human journey.

In early July, I hopped on a call with @Bear(Marco) who is traveling Europe with the Solarpunk movement and documenting the extreme impacts of the climate crisis, and was stunned by what he showed me. He turned his camera around while we were talking and revealed a sweeping view of the Alps where he was camping. At the base of several snowless peaks, Marcos pointed to a “field” that used to be a lake. Every image I’ve ever seen, including my own memories of being in the Alps in July, showed peaks with a touch of snow and gorgeous lakes dotting the landscape. Now, in 2022, it was all gone. I tell this story to everyone here in the States who asks “what I’m up to” these days. I fill them in on impact DAOs, tell them about All for Climate and then share the visuals Marcos showed me just a few weeks ago. Everyone is stunned and silent. 

And that’s why our work here at All for Climate is so necessary right now. We’re here to gather as a collective to both raise awareness and take direct action to help protect our planet and our communities from the impacts of the climate crisis. 

The Month’s Highlight’s at a Glance!

  • We on-boarded 5 new Collectives and 8 new DAO members!
  • Our treasury reports can be viewed here!
  • The community is crafting our Vision, Mission & Values! Hop in Discord to help!
  • We have active bounties on our Dework page!
  • Our new intern, Oliver is tasked with building a human library for All4C. Learn more about this on Oliver’s Notion.
  • Our collectives and locomotives are fired up & using their super powers to change the world.

Fiscal Outlook & Opportunities as of July 2022

Our budget proposal for the DAO for Q3 and Q4 was voted on 7/30-8/1/2022 and the results can be viewed at this link. A core focus of the proposal was as follows; “by focusing on internal and external communication: we want to make sure that people in the community know what's happening and we also want to reach out outside of our community.”

The total donations received by the fiscal host of All for Climate for the month of June was €81,317 from 293 contributors for a total of €28,748 being paid out to the All for Climate collective. Please visit this link to view our most up to date fiscal data for the DAO!

Leen will be taking a much needed ten day retreat and will be completely offline during that time frame. Please be patient with fiscal requests during August. 

Growth of the A4C Community

All for Climate DAO continues to grow organically with care and a human-centric strategy. @PôpLine held several onboarding workshops in July to explore better ways to onboard new members into the DAO to ensure they are brought into the community in a mindful way that removes overwhelm and empowers them to make positive contributions. @Leen and @PôpLine helped onboard quite a few collectives and individual DAO members in July. Here are a few of our newest members!
Onboarding Collectives
Please take a moment to explore the websites of the collectives onboarded by Leen into the fiscal host side of All for Climate.
On-boarding Individuals

As part of our welcoming process for new members showing interest in joining the A4C DAO, we conduct weekly on-boarding calls. While not a requirement, it is highly recommended to attend one of these calls when you first join our Discord server so you understand all the moving parts of the DAO and where best to focus your talents and skills to support our collective mission. PôpLine welcomed eight new members to the community, several of whom jumped into locomotive roles, submitted proposals or accepted bounties as soon as they were on-boarded!

Let’s Welcome our newest members!
  • @GruenJan > Jan in Beijing
  • @jeanphi > Jean-Philippe in New Zealand
  • @Daniel > Daniel in London
  • @Day > Day Sanchez in New-York
  • @Flavia > Flavia in Brazil
  • @Royalty > Royalty in Nigeria
  • @Juan Diosdado > Juan in Paris
  • @TripleA > in Greece

Oliver, A4C’s new intern, has created a document on web3 x climate human library. Oliver is tasked with building a human library for All4C and has created a proposal for what he will be doing to make it happen!
Solarpunk artwork by Day (@daytripper in Discord). Be sure to visit their Instagram for more art.

Redefining Our Vision, Mission & Values

Over the summer, the community has gathered for multiple workshops to redefine the mission of the DAO, clearly formulate and declare our vision and document the values of our community. While this is all still a work in progress, as of July 30th, here are the results of our brainstorms.
Our Vision: We want to live in a regenerative future where everybody finds their place.
Our Mission: Our mission is to connect everyone willing to contribute to a regenerative future, and to support them emotionally, financially and logistically.
Our Values:
Kindness and a welcoming spirit: all voices are welcomed, people are the energy and the wisdom of our network. We highly value gender balanced teams.
Human interaction is more important than technology: No tool can replace a human conversation.
Transparent and open communication: we share everything we do in open source and welcome feedback as a way to grow
Sustainable action: we value people’s work by looking for ways to pay them
Gratitude: We deeply respect the work people do and are grateful for all contributions. We are aware of the time and energy the work requires.
Inter-generational: We don’t put pressure on youngest generation to solve problem of our time, we build together with all generations included.
Exploration: We explore new form of activism, new narratives and way to interact towards a regenerative world.

Image by @Bear(Marco) | Please visit his Twitter profile to follow his Solarpunk adventures!

Artists for Climate

Our Artists for Climate group has made tremendous progress in July with a plethora of exciting initiatives and actions to grow the Artists for Climate collective. Be sure to hop in their channel on Discord if you’d like to get involved!
Here’s a quick overview of their progress:
  • Transitioned the group to Clarity for organization and project management.
  • Kicked off their own twitter spaces (planned at least until the end of summer).
  • Switched to weekly Artist community calls in the Discord server.
What’s on their horizon?
  • Plan ahead for GR15.
  • Set up their own Gnosis safe.
  • Set up their own gitcoin grant using the new gnosis safe.
  • Draft a FAQ for new artists interested in participating on gitcoin grants.
  • Every week, Artists for Climate meet up to catch up, plan our activities and inspire each other with our projects!
Image by @Bear(Marco) | Please 
visit his Twitter profile to follow his Solarpunk adventures! 

Solarpunks Collective

The Solarpunk collective received 7,222.52 DAI from their GR14 grant proposal and are in the early stages of formulating their plan for moving forward.
Objectives for the next 3 months:
  • The group selected @daytripper as their first locomotive.
  • The group will make one printable exhibition, with 10/15 pieces of art, that can be printed everywhere and then shipped around (to events, public spaces, houses etc).
  • Collect a set number of NEW solarpunk artworks to boost the solarpunk movement.
  • Commit to holding one twitter space every month to talk about different solarpunk Visions

Writers for Climate

Our Writers for Climate group met on July 27th to talk about the future of the collective and gear up for GR15. @Niallelassii has agreed to lead the group starting in August and we discussed rolling the newsletter locomotive into the Writers for Climate group. @Desertrat will transfer her duties as the newsletter locomotive over to @Niallelassii and will help out as an advisor for the foreseeable future.

Regens Unite

Regens Unite will be hosting an event in September In Berlin! This 2-day event will bring together regenerative thinkers and doers in DAOs, ReFi, DeSci, Platform Coops, Activism and Art to co-create and share projects, knowledge, food, kindness and hope. Please visit this website and signup for updates to stay in the loop and attend! 

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

Our work supporting climate and social justice collectives and organizations wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of our community and donors and we are so grateful to hold this space for people to come together and solve the pressing issues of our modern times. We welcome any and all feedback and encourage those who have not joined the community yet to head over to our Discord server and become an active contributor to All for Climate DAO! 

“Change always involves a dark night when everything falls apart. Yet if this period of dissolution is used to create new meaning, then chaos ends and new order emerges.” 
 ―  Margaret Wheatley