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Important message regarding reimbursements and invoices
Published on July 7, 2022 by Leen Schelfhout

Dear admins

we experience a lot of extra administration lately with reimbursing expenses and paying invoices. Please read this update carefully to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

All for Climate has an unincorporated partnership with all collectives. This means collectives operate autonomously, with full independence over their budget and full ownership over their projects.

Although collectives have full autonomy, we share the responsibility to keep the nonprofit healthy and the accounting correct. We can not accept or reimburse invalid receipts or invoices.

For invoices:
  • The invoice must be billed to the Collective (including one of the Admin and his/her legal address - usually the person in the collective that has the relationship with the vendor). There can be no mention of All for Climate on the invoice.
  • The invoice must include the name, address, Tax number of the beneficiary
  • The invoice must include a tax rate and a VAT reference. If your tax rate or VAT is 0, the invoice must include a note about this (why your tax rate is 0?).
  • Invoice details and attachments are private - not publicly accessible for people visiting the platform. Only the description and the amount are public.
For reimbursement:
  • Make sure that you keep the receipt. A valid receipt must contain the name and address of the vendor, the amount, the date, and the description of the items purchased.
  •  Take a clear picture of it and submit it to your collective (click on "submit expense" on your collective page). 
Read more info via the

Reach out to us via if you have any questions.

kind regards
for the All for Climate fiscal host team

Kim Lê Quang

Posted on July 8, 2022

Thank you Leen for your message. After some years of use I understand better the logic of the system . I am not informatician and not easy at the beginning. 
I understand also that you have legal obligations and nice you say why you don’t accept an expense like this we can better understand. 
Kind regards Kim