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Discord 💬, All for Climate DAO 🔆, working with Frédéric Laloux on a documentary series 🎬, COP26 update, run for climate 🏃‍♀️
Published on September 5, 2021 by Xavier Damman

​​Hi everyone! 👋 

In this update: discord, crypto, working with Fred Laloux, COP26 update.

Discord 💬
To bring everyone together, we started a discord server on This is a great way to connect with fellow activists that are sharing the same common infrastructure to operate financially. It's a bit like Slack or Mattermost, but it has great desktop and mobile clients and it has become the main platform communities use today (and it does not belong to any GAFAM).

All for Climate goes crypto 🔆

We are in the process of creating a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization), which is effectively a programmable cooperative on the blockchain. Unlike existing cooperatives that are bound to a certain country, DAOs don't know any borders and they can recognize the contribution of all the various people that contribute to its existence.

We very much believe that they are part of the toolset for the "System Change, not Climate Change" that we are all aiming at. This is an opportunity to learn together how those DAOs work and how they can help us organise.

If you want to join us on that journey, we will be doing a first call this Thursday September 9th at 8pm CEST. Zoom link will be shared on our Discord. Everyone willing to learn and contribute is welcome. We need technical and non technical people, facilitators, community managers, artists, ... 

Working with Frédéric Laloux on a documentary series 🎬

The first project of this DAO is to organise a crypto fund raising for a new documentary series on the climate emergency produced by Frédéric Laloux (author of "Reinventing Organizations"). We are putting together a working group. If you'd like to join, please join the channel “The Week” on 
our Discord. We are especially looking for digital artists, community managers, social media communicators and people with experience with online fundraising. Having experience with crypto is a plus but not a requirement.

COP26 🌍

Leen submitted all the applications for the COP26 just on time. We are waiting to see how many people we will be allowed to go as part of the All for Climate delegation. We will keep you posted on Discord as well and we will create a dedicated channel to coordinate. In the meantime, don’t forget to support the collective Rail to the COP

Run for Climate 🏃‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️

Training for the marathon is quite an adventure. After almost dying after 22km on a 26km nature trail, we can now do 30km. But that’s still quite a stretch to get to 42! 😱
Support our effort by contributing €0,50 or €1 per km. The money will go to All for Climate to support the common infrastructure that we are all sharing.
Be good to each other ☀️🌱🌻


Posted on September 9, 2021

Hi Leen & Xavier, 
I would like to join the Discord server but when I click the link it says that the invitation is not valid. 
Thanks for your support. 

Xavier Damman

Posted on November 9, 2021