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August Newsletter for the All For Climate DAO!
Published on September 6, 2022 by Niall

Artists For Climate artwork by @bear(Marco) (@daytripper in Discord). 

Hello, fellow earth activists and engaged community lovers looking to make the world a better place, one initiative at a time! The month of August has been one for the books, with most of our teams preparing for the upcoming GR15. Months like August really help us appreciate where All for Climate started. 

During the month of August, our very own Artists for Climate embarked on a journey to apply for a Gitcoin grant so that they can raise funds for their working group to create new projects whilst funding new expeditions to help make the world a better place through artistic creations. 
All for Climate have been working creatively to develop and grow the All for Climate DAO. 

I recently hopped on a call with @bear(Marco), who was camping at the bottom of the snowy Alps with his portable wooden fire stove and open tent. He showed us around and, at that moment, gave me a deep appreciation for what All for Climate is doing. Through all the effort and hard work of setting up camp, there was Marco, with his exuberant energy, excited to keep making a positive impact on the planet. 

This got me thinking about why All for Climate matters. Giving people who want to contribute the opportunity to get involved in different ways and help swerve climate change whilst making a difference. We are All for Climate and believe in being inclusive to anyone and everyone wanting to get involved and take direct action to help protect our planet and build a greater, greener planet for our future generations. 

The Month's Highlight's at a Glance!

  • We onboarded 6 new Collectives and 7 new DAO members!
  • Created a POCA (Proof Of Climate Action) participation NFT! 
  • Our treasury reports can be viewed here!
  • Artists For Climate have been entered into the first round of GR15!
  • We will have bounties on our Dework page soon, so keep a look out!
  • Our collectives and locomotives are more ready than ever to make an impact. 

Growth of the A4C

Growth in the All for Climate DAO has been tremendous. Not just with newly onboarded collectives and new members but with the working groups as well. Artists for Climate have been active and are slowly becoming a mini DAO inside the All for Climate DAO. As a collective, we have the potential to do great things for our planet and are actively seeking new initiatives and earth activists to get involved and help each other build a better, greener future. Join us on our next onboarding call in the Discord working group of All for Climate!

Onboarding Collectives
Please take a moment to explore the websites of the collectives onboarded by Leen into the fiscal host side of All for Climate.
Let's Welcome our newest members to the All for Climate DAO!
  • @Iliam > Canada
  • @Arnie > Dubai
  • @Vand > India
  • @mattwalker > London 
  • @marathonmind > India
  • @NxP > Paris
  • @emilie > Taiwan
Artists For Climate artwork by Day (@daytripper in Discord). 

The GR15 is almost LIVE!

The GR15 is almost live! For those of us who don't fully understand the terminology, we at All for Climate are here to help! The GR15 is the 15th consecutive round of grant funding that Gitcoin has produced. It has been a momentous opportunity for All For Climate in the past, which has helped us elevate our mission and supported targeted initiatives within our collectives. Go Check out and support the All For Climate DAOs Gitcoin grant for the upcoming GR15!

Recently, I've had a few of my fellow earth activists start getting involved in the web3 space and are increasingly curious about how it all works, especially the Gitcoin grants. I've put together a list of commonly asked Q&As for all those interested. 

Gitcoin Q&A 

What is the Gitcoin? Gitcoin is a decentralized platform for initiatives and projects to acquire funding.

What are the Gitcoin Grants? The Gitcoin grants are a community-led project that allows individuals and organizations to directly fund the development of their open source projects. In our case, it's the Artists For Climate, All For Climate DAO and the POCA(Proof Of Climate Action). There are a range of categories to be inclusive for all projects, and will rely heavily on the community that supports them. Essentially the more contributors that support the project the more likely the matching grant will be higher through Quadratic funding.

 The Gr15 is a Gitcoin grant round for which multiple initiatives and projects can apply. The mission of Gitcoin is to grow and sustain the open source ecosystem, connect developers with funders, and help them grow through rewarding relationships.

All For Climate Projects on the GR15! 

  • The All for Climate DAOs mission is to connect everyone willing to contribute to a regenerative future, and support each other emotionally, financially and logistically as a community. Support them for the GR15 here!

  • Artists for Climate, using art to solve the current climate emergency. Support them for the GR15 here!

  • POCA (Proof Of Climate Action) to reward and help projects that are taking action in the fight against climate change. Support them for the GR15 here!

Important dates to remember for the GR15!
  • 7th of September 2022: Flood gates open, and projects start accepting contributions.
  • 15th of September 2022: Final acceptance of a late grant proposal.
  • 22nd of September 2022: Contribution gates close.
  • 28th of September 2022: Grants are awarded.
  • 3rd of October 2022: Grantees are imbursed. 

Image by @Bear(Marco) | Please visit his Twitter profile to follow his adventures!

All For Climate working groups Update:

Artists for Climate

Our Artists for Climate group have been busy grafting away for the GR15. Be sure to hop on their working group channel on Discord if you'd like to get involved! 
Here's a quick overview of their progress:
  • Prepared for GR15 by creating a gitcoin grant application. 
  • Set up their own Gnosis Safe to manage funds as a community.
  • Hosted Biweekly Twitter Spaces for artists for Climate.

What's on their horizon?
  • Promote their very own Artists for climate grant
  • Start aiding newcomers to set up and promote their own grants.
  • Host twitter spaces focused on active artists for the GR15.
  • Convert twitter spaces to a podcast series. 
  • Start setting up events to train other artists on storytelling in relation to the climate crisis, web3, and more! 

The fast-growing artists for Climate are actively looking for more artists to help out and contribute. Go follow their working group on Discord to get involved!

Image by @PopLine(Pauline) | Our onboarding locomotive | 
Join us to get involved!

Solarpunks Collective

Solarpunks have defined their aims which are to have Solarpunk IRL(In Real Life) exhibitions and Twitter spaces highlighting the Solarpunk artists who are sharing art for the exhibition. They will have several Solarpunk artists sharing different dimensions and flavours of Solarpunk.
What have they done:
  • The group have selected their very first Solar punk artist, Dustin Jacobus. 
  • They started a shared document to create a landing page with information, guidelines, and specs about the exhibition so they can share it with people outside of the collective.  
  • They have defined their aims and goals for the Solarpunk IRL exhibitions.
What are they planning to do:
  • Start building a website for their exhibitions. 
  • Officially schedule a Twitter space with Dustin Jacobus as the guest and talk about his creative process whilst sharing his art with the world
  • Start their own newsletter to allow people to keep up to date with Solarpunk and track the progress of exhibitions. 
  • They will be diving deeper into exploring and aligning their graphic design process to showcase themselves more accurately. 

Solarpunks are doing great work as a collective and are currently looking for someone to build their official website. If you think you got what it takes and would like to apply, join their Discord group here! 

Writers for Climate

Our Writers for Climate group have been slowly gearing up for the GR15, and now that it's nearly here, they are more excited than ever to make the magic happen. Writers for Climate are looking for vibrant, spirited individuals who would like to get involved and start contributing through the art of writing. Follow them on Discord and find out how you can get involved! 

Regens Unite

Regens Unite is hosting a 2-day event in Berlin to bring together regenerative thinkers and doers in DAOs, ReFi, DeSci, Platform Coops, Activism and Art to co-create and share projects, knowledge, food, kindness and hope. If you are someone who likes the idea of collaboration and a more greener earth then come through and join! It is going to be one for the books!

Please visit this website and signup for updates to stay in the loop and attend! 

Event Details

Friday, September 16, 2022, 10:00 AM - Saturday, September 17, 2022, 10:00 PM (UTC+02:00)

Location: MOOS Space

Social Media Updates

All our social media Analytics for August can be viewed here! 


Stay Tuned for More Updates!

Our work supporting climate and social justice collectives and organizations wouldn't be possible without the contributions of our community and donors and we are so grateful to hold this space for people to come together and solve the pressing issues of our modern times. We welcome any and all feedback and encourage those who have not joined the community yet to head over to our Discord server and become an active contributor to All for Climate DAO! 

"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." 
 ―  Mother Teresa