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Your fiscal/banking details


Posted on August 22, 2022

We are going to receive two grants from the Climate Emergency Fund. We are going to indicate "All for Climate" as our fiscal sponsor so we need the following answers/ information from you.
My understanding is that the money will be first wired to you and then to us?
Thanks a lot!
You can also reply to 


Is your Fiscal Sponsor based in the United States? 

Legal Name of your Organization 

In what city is your Organization registered or based? 

In what country is your Organization registered or based? 

Legal Name of your Fiscal Sponsor 

Fiscal Sponsor Email Address 

Please upload your Fiscal Sponsor Agreement / Memorandum of Understanding 

Please upload your organization's Articles of Incorporation 

Please enter the full legal name of the person who will be signing the grant agreement on behalf of your organization or fiscal sponsor 


Note: Please fill in the address information of the entity that is receiving funding - the Individual, Organization, or Fiscal Sponsor 
Address Line 1 


State / Territory / Province / Region 

Zip / Postal Code 

Bank Information 
 Bank Name  


 Name on account  


 Account Address (address on listed on the check)  


 Account Address 2  





  Bank Phone Number  
 Bank Account #  
 Routing / IBAN #  
Bank Account Holder's Address 
 First Name  
 Last Name  

 Address 2  

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