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Spring I/O

$2,300 USD since Oct 2019

Riversweeps Sweepstakes Software

$80 USD since Jun 2021

Web Traffic Booster

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Sergi Almar

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Jenny Bartz

$60 USD since Sep 2020

Raffaella Rossini

$10 USD since Aug 2019 is all of us

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Spring I/O


$2,300 USD

We love! As happy users we want to contr...

Sergi Almar


$170 USD

Riversweeps S...


$80 USD

Jenny Bartz

$60 USD

Sometimes it's not enough to only praise a proj...


$18 USD


$15 USD



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Contribution #555307
Contribution #555307
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About is:

  • Free Software: You can use it whenever and wherever you want. You can also modify and redistribute it.
  • Secure: has been built with security in mind. Because you care about your user's data. It serves pages using HTTPS protocol and with strict Content Security Policy rules.
  • Mobile Ready: The GUI has been built upon the wonderful Twitter Bootstrap framework, which is "mobile-first". The best user experience on each device.
  • Fair: Keep control of your event and keep attendees data away from big players. Don't annoy them with additional fees and pay only what is really needed!
  • Multi-Language: The GUI is currently available in Italian, English, German, Dutch, French, Turkish, Romanian and Portuguese. Help us to translate it into your language!
  • PCI Compliant: uses Stripe as gateway for payments done by credit card. This means that no sensitive data will be stored on your server and you’ll be automatically compliant with the strictest PCI requirements.
  • Flexible: You can define free-of-charge as well as paid events. You can allow your users either to pre-pay the ticket by credit card(1) or PayPal, post-pay it by bank transfer, or even pay it at the entrance desk.
  • Measurable: Simply create a Google Analytics (tm) account and configure your metrics. All the URLs are unique and let you analyze the incoming traffic. Anonymous statistics and IP-Address scrambling are enabled by default, so you are already compliant with EU "cookie law".
  • Cloud Ready: Already tested and deployed on Openshift (tutorial), Pivotal Cloud Foundry (tutorial), SAP Cloud Platform (tutorial), Heroku (tutorial), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) (tutorial), and Clever Cloud (tutorial soon)!

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