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AI Festival Nigeria

Bringing Nigeria AI community together to grow, learn, connect and discuss on how we can Ai can be of good impact in our society



Ai Festival - Data-Driven Generation

The swiftly developing set of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has the potential to solve some of the most pressing challenges and emerging problems in Sub-Saharan Africa and drive growth and development in core sectors:
• Agriculture will be done more efficiently and effectively, raising yields.
• Healthcare will be better tailored, higher quality, and more accessible, improving outcomes.
• Public services will be more efficient and more responsive to citizens, enhancing impact.
• Financial services will be more secure and reach more citizens who need them, expanding
Access. Forward-thinking policy-makers, innovative startups, global technology partners, civil society groups, and international global stakeholders are already mobilizing to promote the growth of a vibrant AI ecosystem in Nigeria

Nigeria’s AI future is undeniably bright, it drives innovation by allowing creators and innovators to focus on where they add value, AI frees them to solve complex problems and scale their creative efforts. This results in new, more innovative products that diffuse throughout the economy, enhance growth, and improve outcomes for consumers.

Ai Fest will bring together technology leaders, Data Scientist, Machine Learning expert, Ai engineers and end-user pioneers alike to look at how AI can address the most emerging challenges in the country, from developing tech skill sets and expanding entrepreneurial prospects to building scalable products.

Ai Fest ng is proudly brought to you by the organizers of Port Harcourt School of Ai Community. Actually,  the largest gathering of the Ai ecosystem in Port Harcourt, Nigeria with rapid growth since 2018, we look forward to welcoming over 1000+ participants to network, learn, explore and do business at Ai Festival.

Our Aim: To bring together practitioners, innovators, aspirants, and end-users to connect, grow, learn and build together in Nigeria

Our Mission: To build a healthy and project focused community of Data practitioners, innovators, Data Scientists, and Ai engineers.

Our Vision:  Transforming innovation through Artificial Intelligence.

We have the best speakers in the industry, who will share their uniques insights to help our attendees leave with a plan for the future and also we will have the Ai startups– established and emerging to showcase your products– in gamda style, with an amazing array of competitions, grants and boot camp features to keep everyone energized for the future.


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