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2044 Franklin

A community organizing space.


2044 Franklin is all of us

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Thank you for supporting 2044 Franklin.


We are a community organizing center in the heart of Downtown Oakland. 2044 Franklin St. is slated for demolition around April 2019 to be replaced with housing. While the building sits in planning purgatory, we the inhabitants of 2044 Franklin have decided to share our incomparable resource with the people of Oakland.

Our primary resource is a 25,000 square foot event hall, suitable for forums, mass gatherings, rallies, political campaigns, meetings, and more. A limited number of private office rooms are available for use.

Whats inside the building:

  • 25,000sqft event hall
  • 35 person conference room
  • 9 office rooms downstairs (3 are currently occupied on a full-time basis)
  • 6 offices in the upstairs mezzanine (not ADA accessable due to a decomissioned elevator!)
  • 25,000sqft basement that periodically floods
  • WiFi (also available to the public via our Public Access network)
  • Printing and paper cutting
  • Seating for 40+
  • Large gated access-controlled parking lot in back
  • Two bathrooms
  • Heating, AC, hot water
  • Dingy overhead flourescant lighting
  • Bike parking
  • An actual bank vault, without the money
  • Massive two story tall street interfacing exterior windows
  • RFID keyless entry system

Things we’ve hosted previously:

  • The political campaigns for Measure A (Alameda county childcare funding), D (Funding for Oakland libraries), C (Emeryville public housing), and Measure AA (Oakland childcare funding)
  • Oakland Pride Headquarters
  • TechEquity/East Bay for Everyone AD15 Candidate Forum

Things we are currently hosting:

  • East Bay for Everyone
  • California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund
  • Coalition for Responsible Homeschool Education

In a past life, 2044 Franklin St. was a bank office. Today, it serves the people of Oakland more than any bank ever will.

For information about 2044 Franklin or if you’d like to use the space to host your event or organization (usually for free!), join our discussion group and start asking questions.

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